5 Guilty Pleasures

Hey Beauties,

We all deserve a bit of indulgence from time to time. Whether that means eating a large fry with extra salt or watching hours of reality tv, humans by nature crave pleasure.

Below are my top 5 favourite guilty pleasures and I do not feel guilty about any single one of them.

1. Sleeping In

  • I am probably the sleepiest girl you’d ever meet, no joke. Being an adult involves completing ‘adult tasks’ like working and cleaning, just to name a few. I always get a full 8 hours of sleep every night but could easily sleep for 12. This girl needs her zzz’s.


2. Chocolate

  • Whether I feel tense or down, I throw on my comfiest sweats, hop into bed, shut out the world and eat my stash of chocolate like there’s no tomorrow.  #NoShame


3. Gossiping/Complaining

  • Everyone will admit to gossiping from time to time, and if you deny it then you’re lying to yourself. Whether its about work, boyfriends, cramps or life in general, we all love a good complaining session.

4. YouTube

  • It’s 1am, I can’t sleep so I throw on some YouTube videos. Just kidding, this is me everyday. I get sucked into watching video after video of makeup tutorials and massive clothing hauls to the point where I start creating a mental list of the things I don’t need from Sephora and Forever 21.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.46.00 PM.png

5. Iced Coffees

  • I know, I know, I know. These are filled with unnecessary amounts of sugar but these little creatures are what fuels my energy Monday-Friday. In fact, my happy mood today is brought to you by Iced Coffee.


What’re some of your not so guilty pleasures? 

Until next time beauties,




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25 thoughts on “5 Guilty Pleasures

  1. I love this post. Number one is a big one for me too. I’m not a morning person at all, so I even work second shift to accommodate. I sleep in until noon during the week, which usually adds up to 8 hours for me. On the weekends, I easily sleep until 1 or 2 pm. Sometimes even 3. I hate waking up to an alarm and love to just wake up naturally. It’s a good feeling.

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