DIY Christmas Cards

Hi all!

Tis the season for thoughtfulness, joy and cheer! It’s that time of year again where our inner craftiness comes out in full force! From homemade ornaments, wreaths and my favourite, Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are one of those things that are becoming nostalgic. I don’t know about you guys but receiving cards during the holiday season makes me cheery and warm.

If you’ve put off buying cards, or just want something more personal and creative, count on these crafty ideas!

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10 Ways To Feel Festive

Hi all!

With the Holiday season finally upon us it’s time to start spreading Christmas cheer!

You may not be feeling quite festive yet as you still have finals to write, tons of Christmas shopping to do and hello… there’s still no snow.

So, I thought I’d throw together a list of my favourite Christmassy activities of all time to help get you into the Christmas spirit!

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Winter Skincare Routine

Hi loves,

Some people think you’re being super extra by adjusting your skincare routine with the cooler months, but fear not! There are many good reasons to change up your skincare routine this winter.

With the change of weather comes blustery winds, change of humidity and exposure to indoor heaters. These elements can make the skin dryer and duller and in some cases, skin can become extremely sensitive, red and flaky.

Applying some extra TLC to your skin this winter is something worth considering.

Check out my skincare routine for the upcoming winter season down below!

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December To Do List

Hey loves,

We are back for my monthly to do lists series! Each month I write down a combination of tasks, activities and goals I want to complete by the end of that month. Writing and keeping running to do lists seems to help me stay on track and organized!

I reflect back on the previous month to see what I managed to complete and didn’t get around to.

Lets jump right into this!

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Holiday Bucket List

Hey all!

I’ve spent weeks, okay months counting down the days until I could start spreading Christmas cheer around. That time has finally come and I plan on making the most of the holiday season by joining in on some festive activities!

Let’s make the most of the holiday season with some of these can’t-miss activities!Β 

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